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Chimney Covers and Flue Caps

At Russell Chimney Services, we are proud to provide premium quality chimney cap installation, repair and replacement to our customers in the Portland, Oregon metro area. We have been performing Portland chimney cap repair and replacement for more than 70 years, and we have become extremely fast and efficient at doing it. From fixing a giant crack in your chimney cap to creating a brand new, customized cap, we can do it all.

Chimney covers are not technically required, but chimney professionals all around the world recommend that you have one. Chimney covers provide protection from the elements for your chimney. They prevent excess moisture from entering your chimney by diverting rainwater away from the center. It is especially important to have a chimney cap in the Pacific Northwest, as we see a lot of rainfall every year. Similarly, a cap prevents debris such as leaves and twigs from entering your chimney, as well as wild animals. Birds often build their nests in chimneys, and once inside your chimney they can find their way into your home. Another slightly more grotesque possibility is that they can die in your chimney and decompose inside of it, producing a foul odor. A simple wire mesh on your chimney cap will keep out all of the unwanted wildlife. Having a chimney cap can increase your chimney’s lifespan considerably. Not only does it keep out rainwater, debris and animals, but some covers actually work to enhance chimney draft, which can improve its performance. Whether it’s a custom stainless steel chimney cap or a copper chimney cap, our highly experienced technicians can create it and install it. We believe in making our customers happy by doing the job the right way, and our chimney cap repair/installation service is no exception.

Our company has much more to than just chimney cover repair and installation. We excel at offering a full range of quality chimney services. We can perform extensive chimney repair, chimney cleaning, and we can restore your chimney to its former glory. Basically, if you are having problems with your chimney, we can fix them. Give us a call today and get a free estimate!

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